How to pick the perfect RV toilet


Your RV should be packed with everything you need while on the road. This means that one thing that should not be amiss is a toilet. Stopping at gas stations along the road is a possibility, but who wants to do that all the time? Plus, if you are traveling with the entire family in tow, you will learn soon enough that disciplining everyone to use the toilet when you reach gas stations can prove difficult.

Picking the perfect RV toilet should not be difficult. However, if you feel like you are overwhelmed with all the choices available, then it would be good to learn a few pointers. Here are some things I would like to recommend.



Easy to install, easy to clean

If the idea of a portable toilet makes you feel a bit squeamish about the maintenance it entails, fret not. There are models on the market that are designed with the ease of cleaning and maintenance in mind. Pick a model that is advertised as being easy to install.

I would suggest reading what other people have to say about a particular model. An RV toilet should not be that different from a standard toilet, and as close to the latter it is, the better.


Comfortable flushing system

Since I like RV-ing a lot, comfort means a lot to me. That is why I recommend people to focus on the comfort factor when they purchase various things for their RVs. In the case of portable toilets, I want to talk a bit about the flushing system.

Does the toilet you have your eyes set on a lever mechanism, or do you need to push a pedal to flush it? It all comes down to what you consider more comfortable. Don’t forget that you will be stuck with the model you pick at least for the duration of one travel, and that can be long enough for a poorly designed toilet to drive you nuts.


Different types available

Here are some things to learn about the various RV toilets on the market. Models with gravity flush are installed over the waste tank, and they are quite common. If you want to go for the tried and tested, this type is highly recommended.

Those with macerating flush are a bit more advanced. They macerate the waste before letting it go to the waste holding tank. This is a design that enables you to install your toilet away from the waste reservoir.

Another type that allows you to install the toilet in other places than over the tank is the vacuum flush model. A cassette design is compact and can be fitted for good over the waste reservoir. And last, but not least, portable toilets are a thing that can be used since they are cheap and convenient. However, you will have to take care of removing the lower tank and emptying it.




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