How much does RVing cost?


Yes, you can live in a normal house like everyone else. This kind of living is not ludicrous at all since you enjoy the freedom of space, with doors and staircases separating you from other family members. Note a tinge of sarcasm there?

Well, I have nothing against living in houses. I grew up in one. But when I discovered the RVing lifestyle, it would be pretty hard for me to want to go back. So I bought an RV. Outright. And I and my spouse have been enjoying the freedom of the open road ever since. It takes guts to explore and see how the RV lifestyle fits you but it is a journey worth taking, each and every day.



The expenses are just a good way to start.

While plenty of other people take out a loan to finance their rig, my wife and I decided to buy one outright. A loan increases the cost of ownership of an RV and can even add up to the RV living costs.

You might love traveling faster in the beginning because believe me, you will not have eliminated that 2-week-vacation mindset just yet. Give that mentality about three to four months, and by then, you will have ceased to race to the next destination. By that time, the journey will have become the destination.

Few people realize it but full-time RVing actually costs less than they expect. That said, it will depend on how much downsizing you are willing to do to your current living arrangements.

The payment for a brand-new motorhome runs from $350 to $900 per month. However, deciding on an older model that you can probably acquire by selling the family car prevents this burden.


The insurance for the motorhome varies between $50 and $150 per month. Then factor in the healthcare insurance for every person traveling with you, which is anywhere from $150 to $250 per month. However, that’s only if you go for high deductible health insurance premiums

Registering your RV will set you back by $35 to $115 a year for every vehicle. This does not include the registration for an extra car you might be towing as well.

If you are one of those who prefers to stay connected on the road, be prepared to shell out from $70 to $239 a month to watch your favorite TV shows, surf the net, or use your cellphone.

Obtain information about top-notch GPS devices from so you can get a navigation tool to help you locate good RV campgrounds. With the variety of information you get, you can find out about RV campground fees that vary greatly depending on the destination you are traveling to. On average, you should spend probably $500 per month for RV campsite use. For thrifty RV living, look for free RV camping, free RV parks, or cheaper RV parks.



You’ll also have to be prepared to shell some money out for propane fees, RV maintenance, food, personal needs, laundry, and RV fuel, among the essentials.

All of those give you a total from $1,250 to $5,000 per year.

Take that side by side with the $1,500 home rentals per month, as well as the other expenses including utilities, weekly groceries, and plenty more down the road.

This certainly demonstrates why RV living wins hands down.

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